The True-Life Adventures of Captain Wa-Wah is now available for purchase. Snag a copy of the book today and enjoy these nine enthralling chapters...
Part One - The Early Years
  1. Homecoming
  2. The Day the Music Died
  3. Rock Around the Clock
  4. Times They Are A-Changing
    Part Two - The PKQ
  5. The PKQ (Pete Klint Quintet)
  6. Going National
  7. Banned In Omaha
  8. Gypsies
  9. TAFKAP?
  10. Sonny and Cher, The Doors, The Beach Boys
    Part Three - Captain Wa Wah
  11. Grinnell
  12. Wild Strawberries
  13. Vietnam and Kent State
  14. Birmingham, Alabama
  15. The Wedding
    Part Four - Politics of the '70s
  16. Conspiracy
  17. Music and Medicine
  18. The Politics of Food
  19. Watergate
  20. Patty Hearst and the SLA
    Part Five - The Inner Journey
  21. Chihuahua Laughing Tobacco
  22. In Search of the Transcendent
  23. East Meets West
  24. The Maharishi
    Part Six - People and Places
  25. The Wizard of Lime Creek
  26. Out of Africa
    Part Seven - We are Family
  27. The Fire
  28. Dance to the Music
    Part Eight - Politics of the '80s
  29. The Nuclear Freeze
  30. Women's Liberation Movement
    Part Nine - Passing the Torch
  31. Back in the Saddle Again
  32. The Actress and the Troubadour
  33. The Walking Catfish
  34. The COC (Dead Pigeon Café)
  35. Starting Over
  36. DOC'S Club